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One kilometer of the nine-kilometer long cave is open to the public, and various natural formations like limestone pools, underground waterfalls, and streams, can be seen along the course.


Abukumado Cave is a 3000-meter limestone cave network in the eastern Fukushima Prefecture that was formed over 80 million years ago. It takes about an hour to explore about 600 meters of the caverns.


About 700 meters of the cave are open to the public, and visitors can walk along the underground river and view three of the cave's four underground lakes.

Natural Parks To Visit
Yoshino Kumano National Park

The park includes Mount Yoshino, Japan's most famous cherry blossom spot; and the sacred Kumano Region, both of which are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Ise Shima National Park

The Ise Shima National Park encompasses the Shima Peninsula, a coastal resort area in central Japan known for its rugged shore and history of pearl cultivation.

Unzen Amakusa National Park

Unzen Amakusa National Park in western Kyushu includes Mount Unzen, an active volcano that erupted in the early 1990s, as well as the coastal landscapes and marine zones of the Amakusa Islands.

Nara Park: What To See
Deer Park

The 1,200 deer that call Nara home have therefore become a symbol of the city and are considered a “natural treasure.” Deer crackers are sold for visitors who would like to feed the deer.

Todaiji Temple

Todaiji Temple is famous for being the largest wooden building in the world. It houses a large statue of Buddha, known as the Great Buddha or Daibutsu.

Temple Grounds

Attractions on the temple grounds include the Nandaimon Gate and the pillar with a hole in the middle at the back of the temple. Children who can squeeze through the hole are thought to be future recipients of enlightenment.

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